Manifesto | Our why 

 We do not want to merely go through life, but rather to create a positive impact on others and on this planet. We believe that everyone has a unique combination of skills and gifts just waiting to be transformed into positive societal value. This is the reason why we work from the individual context and expand that vision and work to the organizational model and culture.

What we do?

Impact Lab is a Strategic Impact Consultancy company that uses a human-centric approach to create personal and organizational impact vision statements, which are tested and refined through an innovative unique impact creation model.

Sofia Dinis-Esteves
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Sofia is a positive thinker who strongly believes in the power of empathy to create societal value. A traveler, meditator, reader and communicator, Sofia has been discovering her life purpose as a motivational speaker and business designer.

Sofia Dinis Esteves | Founder of IMPACT LAB

Depending on the individual, project, or organization, it is created a specific impact board composed by experts in different fields that will research and co-create impact strategies together with the client.