A mentoring program that will de-risk your business idea by prototyping and validating your ideas before implementation. 

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There are a lot of risks with starting your business and it is normal to ask yourself questions like: "What can happen to me and my family?  "What if I fail?" "What if I lose everything?"


Staring a business requires a very diversy set of skills that go much beyond just having a great business idea


Network is a must have to your entrepreneurial journey. Either a group of entrepreneurs sharing similar challenges, as well as, support people and partner organizations, this is something crucial to define your experience

Soft skills

Leadership, Team management, creativity, innovation, problem-solving, are just some examples of competences you should master to become an entrepreneur 

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If you said yes to all ideas above
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Impact Idea is a 1-on-1 mentoring program where you will work and validate your business idea, develop entrepreneurial skills and acquire knowledge, tools and methods that will facilitate your entrepreneurial journey.

First start with your personal impact vision and master your entrepreneurial skills and main value proposition, aligning it perfectly with the value you want to offer to the market.

Then it is time to refine your business idea and business model accordingly, prototype and validate your assumptions. 

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