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Aprender a se contectar e a colocar-se nos sapatos dos outros é essencial para melhor compreender todas as dimensões de um problema

"If I had an hour to solve a problem, I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and  5 minutes thinking about solutions"

Albert Einstein


Hoje já não nos pedem para pensarmos fora da caixa, mas para eliminarmos por completo a caixa

"Creativity takes courage"

Henri Matisse


Todas as ideias devem ser rapidamente transpostas para a realidade, de forma a evoluirem e a melhorarem com as aprendizagens.

"Prototyping is the conversation you have with your ideas"

Tom Wujec

How it works?


Impact Lab is a capacitation program about Design Thinking that will transform the way how you solve problems and use your creativity. 

Through an immersion program of 21 days, you will develop habits and the proper mindset to boost the acquired skills.





15 April (saturday) | 15 pm | Online free session

What is included:

- All materials needed for the 21 days of program

- Lunch and coffee-breaks during the 9 days of the field immersion 

- Exclusive and perpetual access to all online contents and to a fantastic network of "impactors"

What is not included:

- Transport and lodging during the field immersion 

- Dinner during the 9 days of the field immersion 

Investment: TBA USD

Launching price: TBA USD 

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limited to 16 participants

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- Why 21 days?

Some scholars say that this is the ideal time to create a habit. Since we want you to create new skills that you can use whenever you want, we need these 21 days to get the most out of this experience.


- What is the timetable for this training?

During the online part, you will have total flexibility to carry out the training at the time that is most convenient for you. All the materials needed for the learning and exercises of each day will be pasted on our online platform at 7am, and should complete the tasks proposed by the end of the day. However, you should do some exercise early in the morning, but this will not take more than 10 minutes.

During the 9 days of the field immersion the activities take place from 9am to 5pm, and we will also have some activities of conviviality, optional, at the end of the day.


- Can I go only to the online part and not be present in the field immersion?

No. To participate in this program you should start with the online training and be present during the 9 days of field immersion (believe us you will not regret it).